Who I am?
Who I am?

Who I am?

Be careful: in photographs of him, Ivano always have modified ears, pointy.

The Italian authorities (state and local) attest that they are only Tassone Ivano.

And certify that they are only son by Eugenio Tassone and Lucia Garro.

Anna Lucia, my affiliating mother,  loved me very much and frequently repeated  to me: ”You are not my son, but I wish my first born son would be like you: good, obedient, also if you are not  expansive and looking  melancholically…” I was more attached to Lucia, certainly not so to my father Aryamehr or to my mother Gabriella, who always opposed to my staying permanently with them living, I imagine for the reason that I didn’t correspond to their hypocritical canons, oriented more to appear then to really  be.

Thanks to the help of Miriam, powerful and humble Mother of all mothers and to ALLAH,  the Most High, to Whom I have been consecrated, I desire, with all my heart, that my true identity be recognised; in Italy it is well known by many, especially in Courts and Government Offices…, but they try to hide it, like a secret of “Pulcinella” the Italians would say.

During the whole life I had to endure ill-treatments at the limits of the incredible. Also the last three years had been for me full of sufferings and difficulties: on me were hampered psychological and emotional vexations and oppressions.  I could play piano perfectly well at top level, I knew Palhevi and pharsi language; then I was forced to subdue repeatedly to hypnotic treatment with which they blocked my practical piano playing, the speech of father language and to remember  many subject and things. These last years I suffered for isolation, lack of professional  job, I had before, but mainly for Lucia’ separation and finally for her death.

The 17 November 2004, arrived for few days of rest and prayer in a monastery, the evening of the 18th I was abducted.  The complaint, lodged by myself and the monks, for  the undergone violence have not been taken into consideration by police and judicial authorities; afterwards it was dismissed without checks or inspections in the place and with the involved persons.

I dare to state that in all this abduction case I was treated like the investigated one, absolutely not reliable on the facts, but as a foolish one for having asserted to be who really I am.

Always this  approach was and it is taken on my person by Civil, Police, Court and Banks authorities; they use tow weights and measures: if I sign and say what pleases them, I am able to understand and will; if I say and  avow things they don’t wish to hear, I am considered immediately  as a mad, unable to mean and will.

This behaviour was kept clearly in my regards by the “carabinieri” during the kidnapping fact, but also today, especially in the Banks and Administration offices, one thinks and says that I am a fool . (Those who support and help me are retain  considered the same).

I could report various cases of abuses met in the Banks, where those in charge know very well my identity, and my rights of capitals ownership, but they continue not to give me due information, allowing instead  Lucia’ relatives or others the freedom to possess, under their names, very big capitals (my capitals and related to my person, as Lucia has repeatedly stated in front of witnesses).  These and different accounts distributed in various banks… BRE, Banca di Novara, San Paolo IMI, UBS  have passed to their or other names, while under my name are only few Euro.

The testament of my affiliating mother declares as sole and universal heir her only son, whilst in the banks and insurance companies had been sent letters of Lucia stating she donated all to me; also to the judge were given documents, signed by her, declaring that I am not her son, but that she wanted give and leave to me all her capitals, because they were mine.

At present,  for the Banks  and State Authorities I would have registered on my name a small account with little money, opposite  on Lucia’s relatives names are registered huge amounts and pay various insurances with annual bonus of 60.00,00 €, one of a million Euro and more. I asked the banks which interdiction was issued on me, from which judge and why.

I am waiting for an adequate and convincing answer.

In my opinion such a behaviour it is “injustice”, violation of transparency right, much solemnly proclaimed, “undue appropriation”, not to say something else, of others money.

My  mother, Savoia Maria Gabriella DNA, for a case taken  in a Paris Court, France, was made public through internet. I addressed  myself for Genetic-forensic Expert Evidence to approved institutes. The tests gave 14 polymorphic and   genotype results, four of them have clear Asiatic markers, and the result of HVR  mitochondrial  (mtDNA)  regions  exploration. In   front of witnesses was shown to me the correlation of the tow DNA, my mother’s one and mine, from which was evident that the Princess Savoia Maria Gabriella is my mother. 

Is not a worse blind tan he who won’t to see, nor worse deaf than he who won’t to hear. This kind of persons are able to falsify DNA results, after having falsified many other items regarding my case.   

I would be able to communicate you the sentence on the appeal made by my lawyers. In the last one, which you can see on the courts pages of my site, is enclosed the unjust ant constitutional attitude kept against me and the fundamental rights of man, so strongly supported by ONU and UE. There is also cunning bad trickery used to avoid me to reach legally my true identity. I they wish, they can gain themselves documents on my identity Palhevi Savoia; the consulted authorities always admitted were present, but they have refused (why?) to consign them to me.

My dear Iranians and readers, as you have already noted in the site my precise information on my First Communion and Confirmation, had never been given to me, because I was an Islamic and not baptised. I ask you kindly to support me so that justice will be done to me; give me also a hand to take public possession of  my human rights, of my royal dignity, to which I can’t give up being as a consecrated person and finally of my great patrimony, that rich families of high finance world  business are managing, with my mother consent.   I wish to underline that never I accepted to reign nor I want it now, but, backed by your support, I hope very much to succeed  in transmitting this money (hold in Alawi Foundation , Manhattan Bank , Pahlavi Bank, and others) to the poor, oppressed ones, to the despised, as it happened many times to myself to be despised, also today.  Un example for all: in the small village of S. Lorenzo, Peveragno, where I worked for ten years as a teacher, some people had placed along the road, for long distance, posters with the writing : “Go back where you came from!”, referred to my person.   Lucia defended me in that occasion as in all my life from some Italians who were used to say: he is good, intelligent, but an Islamic, somebody diverse…

How may tears when a child, how many when adult…All  you of my Persian people, and you who love and support my person and cause are all entrusted to Miriam, humble an powerful,  the Mother of all mothers so that She will receive you with her open harms, especially when you will be tired, oppressed, humbled… 

Josef Monhud Palhevi Savoia




MOTHER Nose, Mouth, Expression of the Face… !!!


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