The unbelievable story

The unbelievable story

The eldest son of the Wake of Persia


The incredible but true story of the legitimate first-born son of the Shah of Persia Reza Pahlavi

It seems unbelievable what I am going to tell you; myself would have difficulty in believing it, had I not bitterly burdened it. Effectively not all the arising questions will receive a full answer, but, in spite of everything: believe me, what I am going to say is absolutely true!

The most convincing proof that my story is true could precisely be this: if I were only a visionary or a poor crazy man, as many have tried for a long time to make  me considered, certainly nobody, even less the Authorities, would have worried so much to show the contrary of what asserted. Instead… 

According to my personal history, partly documented, I was born in Teheran (then Persia, today Iran) on November 12, 1957 from Aryamehr, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah in Shah of Persia, and from the Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoia

On my identity card n. AJ3528634, issued by Peveragno municipality on 27.12.2003, is declared that my name is Tassone Ivano, born on November 20, 1957 in Cuneo (CN) Italy – legal document n.1126 p.1 s.A – . 

In the last civil trial, intended to have finally recognized my true identity, is written that I would be “Tassoni Ivano, born in Peveragno (CN) November 20, 1957 (register of births for the year 1957, part II, series Á., n. 21)”

Where stands the truth ?

Was I born in Teheran, as I myself affirm, or in Cuneo, as written on my identity card or instead in  Peveragno as it is written on the communication issued by the Chancellery of Roman Court? 

Who am I really ? 

Am I Monhud Pahlevi Savoia Garro or, simply, Tassone Ivano 

This is only one of the many questions and “mysteries” of my life to which can give an answer the narration I am going to offer you.  Since, to whole this absurdity there is also a reason; one very, very great, as you will see.

Here the story of my birth and infancy as reported to me and all my life  as I myself remember.


The Italian authorities (state and local) certify that they are only Tassone Ivano. And they certify that I am only the son of Eugenio Tassone and Lucia Garro.

Lucia Garro stated, providing important details, that there was an exchange of a child at the birth of her second child. He was at the end of pregnancy: on the medical record the weight of the child was corrected from 3,950 to 2,950; but Lucia categorically denied that such a weight was true. The baby, delivered to her after a few hours, weighed no more than 1,700g.

Once they even demanded the permission of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the issue of a full birth certificate of Tassone Ivano. They have never respected or want to respect my rights: But why?

The Italian rulers, upright lay people, want to force me to believe in a genetic miracle, claiming that I am the son of Eugenio Tassone and I resemble him in everything. Garro Lucia, speaking of Ivano, never called him her son. Instead, Eliodoro said he was his son: literally: my son Eliodoro; he, Eliodoro, is my son.

However, I have never had any right of inheritance (after Lucia’s death), nor of access to large sums of money, despite being co-holder in many bank accounts. I’m out of money now.

Lucia Garro has repeatedly declared to various people that I am absolutely not the son of Eugenio Tassone and neither of her. At the Cuneo registry office they repeatedly replied that like Tassone Ivano I was a non-existent subject.

But I was temporarily affiliated with her by the Juvenile Court. In the various registry offices and in the Court they have always stated that there were documents of filiation against me. They never delivered them, sending me back from one office to another.

In the presence of witnesses, I saw notes regarding my true identity in the records consulted. The officials in charge, although it was clearly my right to have them, never gave them to me.