Open letter
Open letter

Open letter

I had the “consecration” Masila Mint (ismaili language) which means “one who listens and knows hidden things”.

  1. I was born in Tehran on 11-12-1957, the legitimate eldest son of Shah Aryamehr Reza Pahlavi and the then seventeen-year-old Princess Savoy Maria Gabriella.
  2. I spent my childhood and youth in Italy, at times also in Iran, where I had little contact with my father. I consider myself very different from him; he certainly loved his country, but, unlike me, he liked to appear and this, in my opinion, took away a little from being. I think he had partially forgotten that a king must serve his people and think little or nothing of personal entertainment, while my father put too much focus on himself. As for my mother, well … a woman who, at the age of about 9, has the identifying signs and royal dignity removed from her son’s body by an operation and imposes facial plastic, with the sole purpose of making him dissimilar from the remarkable similarities with her real father, I think she defined herself, …

The Merciful One may bless you and guard your steps towards Him.

I firmly think that every nation or people has the right to govern itself and that no foreign state has to interfere in the social-political path of a nation.

I condemn the USA and their allies interfierences, and then of the Hebraik Freemasonry as regards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Recently it was verified by legal experts and asserted on documents, on my body ispection and genetical results that I am an Iranian among Europeans; that my father is the Iranian Shah Mohammed Reza Palhavi and my mother the Princess Savoia Maria Gabriella. Also were ispected the signs of my consecration to the most High and of my profetical and royal dignity.

As a consacrated person, I pray the Immaculate Mary, Mother of all mothers,

to fill, expecially the Iranian People, of serenity, peace and determination against all intrusion coming from alien States.

Kindly I put you the question: do you see as a just behaviour that the up authorities in civil, judicial and bank field of Italian and other States, supported also by the Vatican and submitted to the Hebraic Freemasonry, continue to decide on my person against all the fondamental rights and my personal dignity? They squash me, with the consent and help of high Vatican authorities and of my mother Maria Gabriella of Savoia, especialy on reducing me to total poverty, in spite of all docuents attesting my ownership of capitals in Italy, USA and elswhere. The very rich Hebraic Families arrogate to themselves to dispose of them, hiding my person and possession of them, acting practicaly as masters of my destiny. I wonder from whom they have this power.In the mean time I continue to live and rely on the charity of the cistercian monks, who had and have a deal to suffer of isolation and underneath persecution for helping me such a long time.

I then ask You, my Iranians Friends and all good Islam Persons, special prayers for me. As Consacrated and with you submitted to the Clement, I ask the Iranian and Islam Faithfuls to find an intelligent, peaceful and strong way of intervention for the solution of my case

I didn’t ask to be born of Aryammer Reza Palhavi and Savoia Maria Gabriella, neither to be consacrated to the Most High, it was bestowed on me by the Creator, The Merciful and the bevolent decision of my People and through the hands and prayers of persons submitted to The Clement. Surely you are able to stop the Jewes, my mother, some Vatican authorities and their allies, to annull and squash me any longer.

Confident in the Merciful and in Mary love and help for each one of us, I wish you all blessing from High. Thanks for your support.

                                                                                   Josef Monhud Palhevi Savoia Garro

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