The unbelievable story
Pahlavi Savoia Josef Monhud

Pahlavi Savoia Josef Monhud



These notes on a concrete person, Ivano, seem incredible. The whole matter can appear a science fiction novel, unreal, impossible tot happen today, yet it is really sticking to the truth and they are only a quick look of the facts and actual operations around him.

Tassone Ivano is in reality the first-born son of the Shah of Persia, Reza Pahlavi and of Maria Gabriella of Savoia, born the 12 November 1957. From the moment he sought to claim his rights and disposed to give alms of his wealth, half of it, to the poor people of Africa, he has constantly been more mistreated.
The Islam is aware of his identity and function; Iran certainly is.

Certainly has to be proclaimed inadmissible the continued and actual injustice on a person, who didn’t do anything bad to deserve such a condition. His only guilt is that of existing and daring to request its identity and rights. He is surrounded by a conniving and cowardly silence conspiracy of various people in different authority places who, knowing, not only don’t get involved, cover, collaborate and foster injustice.

One has to name cowardice actions of powerful and influential people using a poor woman, the affiliating mother, forced to accept a child, the substitution of his own yet born child with another one – she has more times told and confirmed this, stating that Ivano is in no way son of Eugenio neither her son – and using the legitimate son of Tassone Eugenio and Lucia Garro, Eliodoro, who follows orders imparted by hidden individuals, making them manage and use monetary sums of milliards, while they are of a low social class, one beeing a simple retired teacher and the other a civil pensioned off work.
Where comes that money from?

These manners are shameful; with difficulty he would succeed in imagining them, perpetrated besides by people above every suspect and honoured, but alas it is the truth. One understands then the obstinacy with which these people are trying to hide and prevent in all the ways the public proclamation of Ivano identity; it would be a let-down and an enormous scandal. In the high-levels, some people know the fact, but they don’t intervene to arrest the process of overwhelming and elimination of his person and dignity. Time has come now that these gentlemen should be publicly asked that Ivano may obtain his freedom and dignity and have his rights recognized.

Money and power are used by closed and hardened hearts to annihilate and destroy the dignity of a man powerless to oppose alone all these potent persons, in agreement only for keep the situation of deadlock headed for hiding this person identity.

Looking upon the mental health of Ivano, it can be affirmed that physicians and experts in the various health sectors visited and helped him, finding him a mind normal and healthy subject. Legal doctors have ascertained, besides the data over his deep physical identity tests, also the oriental type of his skin and the ears surgical operation, according to the traditions in the first-born and heir to the throne of the Shah of Persia. His personality and affirmations have been for a long time valued. A colleague teacher has repeatedly said, then left written, praises on his teacher work, personality and behaviour. While for long time judgments unfair and false attitudes of many towards him have been taken and diffused.

On him have been steadily inflicted groundless oppressions, injustices, illogical at any healthy reasoned vision, trigged by accurate intentions for preventing him a serene and normal life to which every man, also the most miserable, has the right. Many times impediments, breaches, deceptions and calumnies, as well as pressures were put down on him and on those wishing to help him, linked to the administrative field, work, financial and human rights, those very primary and fundamental. The interested subject has not wanted neither gotten evil to any other people. One had the opportunity of verifying many cases in which things were just as he had said referred to banking abuses coming from people in charge, while they were handling for his family million liras, they denied and kept denying him any right on his capitals, proclaim him a “non existing subject”, with “no right”, despite the repeated argues; to the point that up till now he can’t touch at these amounts and is forced to live poor and without money.

What a beautiful justice!

Often one had to watch powerless to the silence conspiracy, indifference and half-truths wanted for crushing and oppressing this person. Persons, both high and low, are informed and exactly know as things are, but they prefer to keep silent, to hide, to oppose, joining forces with the adversaries . Very few have challenged to help and defend him; or rather someone got near to him but even with the intent to lend a hand in squashing him, deceiving him another time. Very few have accepted to help with respect and devotion, but these people are with him object pursued in various way type and level. Too many are heavily concerned of this issue high up and in the services; they work together against his liberty and exercise of human rights.

Surely his mother, the princess Maria Gabriella of Savoia, is informed of his son situation. He is well conscious of her heartbreak and enormous suffering, when she, still very young, gave birth and had to part from his child.

Ivano has previously written her forgiving and affectionate letters, and is hopefully confident to embrace her one day.